Get yourself heard in the Internet

The IPv4 scarcity took away liberty. With IPv6  you can get it back.


Almost infinite IP addresses

Private IPv4 addresses

Officially reachable addresses

IPv4 = overpriced

And that's why IPv6 matters!

IPv6 is an enabler

Without IPv6, you usually only have one public IP address. More IP addresses cost extra. With IPv6 you start with "almost infinite" IP addresses, right from the start

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Private IPv4 addresses

You have probably heard the analog of comparing IP addresses to street numbers. Imagine you want to open a shop and nobody can find it, because you only have an internal address. With IPv6 you get real, officially reachable addresses.

IPv4 is overpriced.

What if you had infinite money? You would not mind if IP addresses are expensive. Depending on your provider, each additional IPv4 addresses costs something extra.

Even if it was only 1 CHF, it costs extra with each additional IP address. 

With IPv6 you start with a /64 network.With 18446744073709551616 IP addresses. Never ever think about additional costs anymore.

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IPv6 is freedom.

It allows you to run any services in your own network.

Get IPv6 now

How to get IPv6 addresses


Option of last resort

For outgoing connections 

  • Helps to get IPv6 almost everywhere

  • Single address
  • Suited for connecting to IPv6 sites
  • Free


Commercial grade IPv6

Full Freedom

  • Usable everywhere, fully encrypted
  • Full /48 or /64
  • Fully reachable from the Internet
  • Starting from 5 CHF/month


Only with static IPv4

Only for static IPv4

  • Usable everywhere
  • /48 network
  • Fully reachable from the Internet

  • Free

Why is it not free?

Long story short: we would love to be able to offer you IPv6 for free, but there is cost attached to running a network, services and ensuring the tunnels are all up.
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