Your GitHub Alternative.

Time to move your project away from GitHub? We provide you a solution.

I want it

A Simple Git Hosting for you

Full Control

We provide you a virtual machine (VM) with GitLab preinstalled.

No Vendor Locking

Test us, try us, dislike us. Whatever you do, you always have a full control over your data. 

Provided by Open Source Provider

When you read our blog, you know we are into Open Source. And we are not for sale to Microsoft.

Ready for the Future: IPv6

Full IPv6 support, so your code is always reachable.




Owned by Microsoft
  • No IPv6 support
  • Owned by Microsoft
  • Old-fashioned


Swiss based hosting
  •  Full IPv6 support
  • Pay per installation
  • Safe location in Switzerland
  • Full control (root access to your own VM)
  • Fully managed available (contact us for details)



Pay per user & feature
  • Partial IPv6 support (self hosted version)
  • Pay per user